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The Allam Cycle and NET Power

Affordable Energy now means zero-emissions.

8 Rivers has developed the Allam Cycle, the only technology that will enable the world to meet its climate targets without paying more for electricity. The Allam Cycle is a new way to generate low-cost power from carbon-based fuels without producing air emissions. It’s also the technology behind 8 Rivers portfolio company, NET Power, which is currently building the first Allam Cycle power plant.

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Thor Launch Systems

Rapid delivery of critical payloads into space for a fraction of the cost.

Thor Launch Systems is a ground-based system for orbital (LEO or GEO) and interplanetary deliveries, utilizing electrical rockets and hypersonic, payload carrying gliders. The Thor system is responsive, low cost, and inherently safe, creating airport-like usability. Thor changes the entirety of the launch paradigm, with dramatically lower cost launch and increased availability, enabling the mass commercialization of space.

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8 Rivers Networks

Access fiber speeds with wireless cost and convenience.

8 Rivers Networks is building the next-generation of wireless infrastructure, utilizing light-based technology to dramatically increase wireless speed, bandwidth, security, and reliability while drastically reducing installed costs.

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