8 Rivers Networks

Access fiber speeds with wireless cost and convenience.

8 Rivers Networks is building the next-generation of wireless infrastructure, utilizing light-based technology to dramatically increase wireless speed, bandwidth, security, and reliability while drastically reducing installed costs.

Reimagining wireless communications with advanced photonics and ubiquitous connectivity.

About the project:

Demand for data bandwidth increases at a breakneck pace – at more than 50% per year. More and higher quality content combined with the ever-increasing reach of networks ensures this trend will continue for decades. At the moment, the technology foundation of wireless communications relies on a limited, regulated region of the radio frequency spectrum. This spectrum has fundamental limitations which prevent it from meeting the demands of the future. 8 Rivers Networks is reinventing wireless communication using advanced photonics to generate wireless signals with invisible light, opening a new world of communication at a fraction of the cost – taking wireless to a gigabit and beyond.


Wireless bandwidth demand is insatiable and increasing beyond the limited spectrum capacity of traditional radio frequency.

Key Innovation

Robust, mesh-enabled, diffuse-beam optical transceivers.


Low-cost, high-bandwidth, license-free, optical wireless broadband.


Deploying with pilot customers.


Gigabit per second speed, and platform for further acceleration: 100X faster than current cellular speeds.

Low Cost

Disruptive cost-per-connected-user pushes gigabit-plus speeds to the network edges


Using unlicensed spectrum to break through the red tape of wired deployments


Overcoming the limitations of legacy point-to-point optical connections.

Wireless communication is ripe for a step-change.

IEEE addresses the coming problems with radio interference

Read about IEEE’s view on the coming RF congestion problems with 5G implementations. Time to hop spectrum bands.

City of Durham Office of Public Affairs

Durham Announces Partners for Innovation Partnership Program – Four Startup Companies to Bring New Ideas into City Hall, including 8 Rivers Networks

Fiber Companies to Try Wireless Innovation

Where fiber is too expensive, companies like Google are experimenting with wireless technologies to get you gigabit connectivity.

Collaboration makes for better ideas. Find out how we can work together.

Allam-Fetvedt Cycle

Affordable Energy now means zero-emissions.

8 Rivers has developed the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, the only technology that will enable the world to meet all of its climate targets without having to pay more for electricity.

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Thor Launch Systems

Rapid delivery of payloads into space for a fraction of the cost.

Thor Launch Systems is a ground-based system for orbital (LEO or GEO) and interplanetary deliveries, utilizing electrical rockets and hypersonic, payload carrying gliders.

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