Technology Development Pipeline

Our portfolio is clean, affordable, and answers the call of Net Zero.

8 Rivers has a robust development pipeline that includes technologies in: · Direct air capture · Post-combustion carbon capture · Zero-carbon fuels · Clean ethylene

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8 Rivers is reinventing hydrogen generation to decarbonize the world around us – buildings, industry, transportation, and agriculture.

About the project:

Hydrogen holds the potential to reduce pollution across the economy. It can fuel trucks, heat homes, create high-grade heat for factories, and be a fuel substitute for existing power plants. But to achieve this promise, hydrogen production must itself be clean and affordable. Most hydrogen today is generated by steam methane reforming from natural gas, which is cheap but releases significant amounts of carbon dioxide. 8RH2 solves this problem by reforming with natural gas and pure oxygen, combined with cryogenic CO2 capture. It generates hydrogen at high pressure while capturing CO2 using a proprietary refrigeration based CO2 separation system. This is cheaper and cleaner than traditional steam methane reforming approaches that also release all their carbon dioxide.


To cut carbon emissions from industry, chemical processes, refining and agriculture we must develop hydrogen generation that’s affordable and clean.


A better way to make hydrogen from natural gas that has lower emissions, higher efficiency, and superior economics.

Key Innovation

Using pure oxygen, combined partial oxidation/gas heated reforming, and a novel CO2 capture system to generate clean hydrogen at higher efficiency.



Full-scale projects using this combined reforming system are under development today.


8RH2 is cost competitive with conventional methods that do no capture their carbon emissions, and made cheaper still with CO2 sale.

Carbon Capture

By design, the system captures its CO2 for permanent storage underground or use in other industrial processes.

High Efficiency

8RH2 has both high efficiency hydrogen production and carbon capture. I can also be integrated with the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle.

Commercially Available

Uses commercially available equipment, making it ready for large-scale deployment today.

Hydrogen is the key to decarbonization. Commercialization is underway.