8 Rivers Charts Low-Carbon Path – Transition Economist Article Summary, December 2022

Cam Hosie, CEO of 8 Rivers, talks to Transition Economist about how the firm sees the policy and technology aspects of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

In this Q+A, Cam provides an overview of 8 Rivers’ decarbonization solutions, which range from power generation to hydrogen production to carbon capture – both direct air capture (DAC) and point-source. He also dives into DAC’s timeline to commercialization. (Spoiler alert: it may scale sooner than you think.)

In addition to breaking down decarbonization technology, Cam also analyzes how policy (and politics) are influencing the energy transition. Between its geography, its natural resources, and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), he says, the next 10-15 years could see the US becoming “the decarbonization fuel station for the world.”

Meanwhile in Europe, due to the energy crisis, “solutions that can use existing resources or supply chains and simultaneously decarbonize them are going to be critical.” Consequently, hydrogen – which can use infrastructure adapted from natural gas – will be essential. And in building out that hydrogen, it’s carbon intensity – not so-called color – that Cam says we should be prioritizing.

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