We develop and deploy sustainable, infrastructure-scale solutions to meet the global goal of net zero by 2050.

Building Net Zero 2050

8 Rivers is a full-service Net Zero solutions provider. From innovation to commercialization to deployment, we enable the world’s largest companies to meet their net-zero goals.

We are the net-zero solutions provider.

Our Process:

Technology Development.

Our process starts at ideation where we engage the market directly to find the most pressing energy-transition problems.
We then take a multi-step approach to develop actionable solutions that are both technically and economically feasible, moving quickly from innovation to commercialization.
We are driven by problem-focused opportunities.


Technology Portfolio

We have a robust technology portfolio that is competitive for a diverse set of low-carbon energy challenges. We are world leaders in carbon capture and oxy-combustion. The energy transition is an enormous problem that requires an array of solutions. Where our portfolio cannot directly solve a problem, we use our deep expertise in the energy transition industry to partner with a provider to offer a complete solution.


Project Development

Our project development engine specializes in marquee deployment of low-carbon projects at the cutting-edge of the global market, leveraging the scale and expertise of Fortune 500 partners.
We combine deep industry experience with fresh, creative views to use innovative technologies and accelerate the energy transition.

Technology Licensing

Decarbonization will require an infrastructure build out of unprecedented scale, and 8 Rivers’ marquee projects will be a fraction of the total projects that can benefit from our technologies. 8 Rivers will license out its world-class technology portfolio to energy companies and projects across the world to increase and accelerate global deployment of clean energy.


Reaching Net Zero 2050

We use our technologies, projects, and deployment engines to enable companies and governments to take actionable steps to reduce their emissions now as they move towards achieving their net-zero ambitions.

We are building net zero 2050.

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Allam-Fetvedt Cycle

Affordable Energy now means zero-emmisions.

8 Rivers has developed the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, the only technology that will enable the world to meet all of its climate targets without having to pay more for electricity.

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8 Rivers Hydrogen

Hydrogen that is clean and affordable.

8 Rivers has developed a new process – called 8RH2 – for generating clean hydrogen with full carbon capture that is cheaper than all other hydrogen production technologies today.

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