Fresh Water: Introducing 8 Rivers’ New Look

To pioneer the clean energy and climate future, we must first start with evolving our brand.

At 8 Rivers, our goal is to be the future’s leading clean energy and technology company – as synonymous to delivering net-zero solutions as Amazon is to shopping or Google is to search.

Our mission is to deliver clean energy and climate solutions necessary to improve life on the planet for all. To maximize our impact, we must ensure that the image we present to the world communicates the urgency of that promise. In other words – to pioneer the clean energy and climate future, we must first start with evolving our brand.

We’re excited to introduce you to the updated visual identity for 8 Rivers. 



Our updated visual identity

Starting today, you’ll notice an updated logo and visual presence across our website and other communications, with further updates throughout the months to come. These updates emphasize our optimism, climate focus, and pioneering spirit. They also convey to internal and external stakeholders the relentless, efficient focus that enables our team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to execute on our ideas, delivering the innovation that today’s world needs.

Why the change?

As we’ve grown, our technologies have evolved, and our focus has, too. 8 Rivers started out as an innovation platform for the world’s most pressing industrial problems. We’ve developed and patented many technical and economically-oriented solutions over the last decade, often extending our areas of focus beyond energy and climate issues into wireless mobility, software, and even space travel. Today, we’ve refined the mission: delivering a cleaner tomorrow by pioneering the climate and clean energy solutions required to achieve net zero — wherever that takes us.

With this clarity of purpose, we felt it time to align how the world sees us with how we’ve come to see ourselves.

How our reimagined visual identity advances our goals

Rather than pick just one technology that needs decarbonization innovation, we’re optimistic enough to be ready to consider everything all at once. We’re developing and delivering tech in clean fuel and clean power, heavy industry (steel/cement), carbon capture, and carbon removal through direct air capture. While the applications might be different, our experience has taught us that there will be commonality in solutions.


8 rivers


Daring to attempt what others believed impossible has always been reflected in our name – we like to think of the “8” in 8 Rivers as representing our team “standing up infinity,” tilting vertical a sign that has only ever lain flat; bringing upright – and thus into clarity – a concept that has only ever been ambiguous and abstract.

In our new logo, some details remain constant. We continue to embrace orange as our signature color. Orange represents creativity, optimism, and boldness. Similarly, the word “rivers” continues to connote an imperative to make sure we’re “flowing downhill” – i.e., that we follow what the engineering and economics say, and that we are willing to tackle problems others will not.



Foundational to human development, rivers have provided clean energy, mobility, and sustenance for millennia. Creative and transformative, they represent the inspirational force of new ideas and the willingness to break convention to find a better solution. Rivers, with persistence, carve canyons from solid rock and change the world. Our mission is to overcome whatever technical and economic obstacles are between today and realizing a net-zero world where clean energy powers human prosperity.

Other logo details we reimagined: the font’s strong weight mirrors our purpose’s impact and boldness, and each letter’s design now symbolizes its content. The R’s cutting edges evoke the movement of our work’s rapid pace and evolution, while curves and sharp tips signify motion and clear direction. Meanwhile, the letter “I” stands firm: a pillar to bear the weight of our mission.

What’s to come


“Climate change is the single most impactful issue facing humanity today. It has the potential to affect more people – and will require more money and more ingenuity to tackle – than arguably any other crisis in human history. This challenge’s magnitude galvanizes us to find decarbonization solutions that are more creative, effective, and efficient than the world thought possible – and to deliver them faster than anyone could imagine. This new visual identity elevates our branding to match the loftiness of our aspirations, and I couldn’t be more pleased with its design.”

Cam Hosie

CEO, 8 Rivers


Our goals are bold, and we are confident we can reach them. To do so, we collaborate across sectors, disciplines, and technologies to innovate solutions for the world’s most intractable decarbonization problems in a way that combats climate change and spurs global growth simultaneously.

Will you join us?

We’re always looking for great ideas from new partners – contact us to get involved.