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US Department of Energy

July 23, 2020

8 Rivers Capital Wins Seven Department of Energy Carbon Capture Grants Worth Over $30 Million To Develop World-Leading Technologies for Low-to-Negative Carbon Power

S&P Global Platts

July 2, 2020

Xcel, Duke say advanced nukes, carbon capture, hydrogen the tools to get to net-zero


March 28, 2020

The missing puzzle piece for getting to 100% clean power - It’s about using renewable energy to make gas.

Fortune Magazine

March 16, 2020

Inside ‘Project Odessa,’ an experiment in greener fossil-fuel power

Scientific American

January 9, 2020

Natural Gas Use Is Rising: Is that Good News or Bad News for the Climate?

The Hill

January 6, 2020

US leads new wave of carbon capture and storage deployment

Power Magazine

January 2, 2020

Transformative Coal Power Technologies Take Shape

The Economist

September 20, 2019

Climate Capitalists have serious money in climate friendly investments


July 23, 2019

NET Power developing multiple zero carbon natural gas plants executive says

Stuff NZ

July 1, 2019

Taranaki Energy Centre could be up and running in 2024

Fox News Business

June 27, 2019

US energy startup builds power plant that producces no carbon emissions

US Senate Hearing

May 16, 2019

Full Committee hearing to examine CCUS and to receive testimony on legislation

Power Magazine

April 1, 2019

Inside NET Power: Gas Power Goes Supercritical


March 11, 2019

A $150 Million Power Plant Was Just Built in Texas. Humanity Should Pray it Succeeds


Houston Chronicle

March 1, 2019

Experimental Texas Power Plant Aims to Make Power Cheaper, Cleaner


March 6, 2018

A Promising Technology to Fight Climate Change Is Finally Becoming a Reality

MIT Technology Review

February, 2018

NET Power makes 10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2018

Grand Forks Herald

February 17, 2018

EERC project wins $6 million in federal funding for Allam Cycle Demonstration

The Washington Post

January 8, 2018

Saving the world with carbon dioxide removal

Sustainable Brands

December 8, 2017

New Turbine Technology Makes Zero-Emissions Fossil Fuel Power Plants a Reality


December 5, 2017

A radical startup has invented the world’s first zero-emissions fossil-fuel power plant

Forbes 30 Under 30

November 14, 2017

8 Rivers’ Scott Martin named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy list

Entrepreneur: 50 Most Daring

November 1, 2017

8 Rivers’ and NET Power’s Bill Brown named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 50 Most Daring list

City of Durham Office of Public Affairs

October 2, 2017

Durham Announces Partners for Innovation Partnership Program – Four Startup Companies to Bring New Ideas into City Hall, including 8 Rivers Networks

MIT Technology Review

August 30, 2017

Potential Carbon Capture Game Changer Nears Completion

ClearPath Foundation

July 12, 2017

The Carbon Capture Game Changer


May 24, 2017

Goodbye smokestacks: Startup invents zero-emission fossil fuel power


May 25, 2017

A New Power Plant Burns Fossil Fuels Without Any Carbon Emissions

Engineering News-Record

May 24, 2017

Team Claims New Power Cycle Generates Without Emissions

Engineering & Technology

May 22, 2017

Will Trump and Brexit bury carbon capture?

Charlotte Business Journal

April 13, 2017

Energy conference shines spotlight on growing industrial technology business in the Carolinas


April 12, 2017

How carbon capture could become a rare bright spot on climate policy in the Trump era

National Public Radio

April 10, 2017

Natural Gas Plant Makes A Play For Coal’s Market, Using Clean Technology


February 21, 2017

Revolutionary Power Plant Captures All Its Carbon Emissions, At No Extra Cost

Forbes 30 under 30

January 3, 2017

Two from 8 Rivers named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy 2017: The Best Minds Planning How To Power Our Country

The New York Times

January 2, 2017

Can Carbon Capture Technology Prosper Under Trump?

The New York Times

November 3, 2016

Big Question on Climate Crisis: How to Inspire Innovation

Utility Dive

November 2, 2016

Toshiba ships turbine for NET Power supercritical CO2 carbon capture plant

American Legislative Council

October 14, 2016

The Next Zero-Emission Energy Innovation: Coal?

Charlotte Business Journal

May 20, 2016

Charlotte Business Journal Selects NET Power CEO Bill Brown for Innovation Leader Award

Charlotte Business Journal

May 20, 2016

NET Power included among Carolina energy startups ready for launch

The Bismarck Tribune

May 19, 2016

Allam Cycle partners seek continued state funding for coal research in North Dakota

Charlotte Business Journal

May 12, 2016

Charlotte Business Journal honors its Energy Leadership Awards winners

The Bismarck Tribune

April 23, 2016

Lignite industry to seek increased help from North Dakota

Charlotte News & Observer

April 9, 2016

Durham’s NET Power breaks ground on zero-emissions plant


April 8, 2016

The Power Station of the Future? Bill Brown, CEO at Net Power, discusses zero-emissions power stations with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”


April 5, 2016

Fossil fuel electricity with no pollution? This company is building a power plant to prove it.

PR Newswire

March 9, 2016

NET Power Breaks Ground on Demonstration Plant for World’s First Emissions-Free, Low-Cost Fossil Fuel Power Technology

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